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 Actually, you'll discover that what might appear to be 'growth' is actually nothing more than good 'ol stretching, otherwise more sophisticatedly known as 'traction'.

What doctors have discovered is that a continuous force of traction actually encourages cell multiplication.

The Hot Rod Penis Extender was developed based on this medically proven concept to literally make your penis grow 'in spite' of yourself by applying a continuous force of traction.

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The principle of traction has been used medically in plastic surgery for tissue expansion, and the regenerated tissue is usually used to cover burns and areas of hair loss, so you know that what I'm talking about is not some 'pie in the sky' theory.

This device is easily and discretely worn under your clothes and you can partake in all activities with minimum interference. But even though you may not 'notice' it there, it's working hard to add more length and girth to your penis. Think about it as the ultimate 'automatic' workout for your penis, and be prepared to start flaunting your newfound 'muscles'

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